Why you WILL Choose our Payment Plan Option

There are many reasons why you will patronize us, here are some:

  1. Variety - We have the widest range of products across brand line and products options. This is important because most of our competitors only do phones, or phones and laptops and not more, but we have the full range of home, office & kitchen appliances and electronics, together with inverter, generator laptops and phones.
  2. Physical Showroom/Warehouse - We have a physical office and show room where you can meet real people and see the real items. This is important as it verifies our stability and integrity. Particularly as our competitors are “ghosts” they only and mostly operate through mobile apps and agents scampering and attaching around 3rd party stores.
  3. Product Ownership - We have and own the products we sell to you on the plan. We won’t take you to different stores to check what you want, we have it all at our store. This is important to ensure direct and full warranty with manufacturers. Our competitors don’t guaranty originality or warranty, they leave that to the customer and the 3rd party stores to deal with and don’t provide any support in this regard. We also have a dedicated desk towards assisting with resolving service and warranty issues where it arises.
  4. Best Prices - Because we have partnered directly with manufacturers and we don’t buy or source through middlemen, we are able to give you best unbeatable prices and original products. The significance of this is that others use 3rd party store and have no product on ground so manufacturer is not able to give them support and there is premium (costs) to all these extras agency with them.
  5. Warranty - Because we are registered and licensed by all manufacturers we deal with, all the products we sell have the full manufacturers warranty. What this means is that customer has nothing to fear as any issue within the warranty period will be resolved free of charge or the item immediately replaced by the distributor.
  6. Confidentiality & Privacy - We don’t pry into your privacy like others, we don’t install any app on your phone that will mine your private data or monitor your life. The basic KYC data we take from customers is also properly stored. We also do not sell data like others; all customer information will be destroyed in line with the Data Protection Act after the transaction.
  7. Financial Information Security - We don’t take any customer financial information in our process, hence there is security in our process and nothing to be concerned about. Our payment system is customer self-service or customer initiated direct debit. The significance of this is that our competitors take all their financial information like card details and BVN thereby exposing the customers to financial fraud likelihood.
  8. Price Security - One MAJOR advantage of making purchase on our installmental payment plan is that you lock the price and inflation will not affect your purchase price. i.e. if the product is N100,000k at the time you start, and subsequent inflation on cost lead to a hike in market rate to N120,000 will not affect you, even though you are still paying. Others who want to buy at the later date may be buying at that N120,000.00 while you are already using your product for over a month or two at a cheaper rate.
  9. Early Payment Discount - We have discount incentives for full payment made earlier than full duration of plan of up to 7%. No other gives such incentive. Most of our customers have the funds to buy once but would rather manage their cash flow; it happens quite often that they want to complete payment in a shorter term, as such there a discount incentive for such.
  10. Referral Bonus - For every successful referral, we have credit voucher that you can use to buy products from us. We appreciate all our partners.
  11. One Click Away - All our customers have a relationship officer assigned to their account. We are always a call away to supply your next item or provide support or resolve any difficulties with using any of our products.
  12. Tried and Trusted Partner - Many cooperatives and corporate organisation have partnered with us to be their sole electronics supplier for 3 years now and the list keeps growing. They have in turn also introduced other closed user groups to us, which has grown our position in the market and keeps leading us to new corporate partners.